Like other successful crafters who out growth their original branding, Traci was looking for the right designer to rebrand her hand made cat toys business to kick start her 2021 business goals. 
Traci discovered my work on Spoon flower, a fabric print-on-demand website. She had ordered one of my Halloween Kitty themed pattern designs, and loved my style so much that she reached out to me via Instagram to see if I would be interested in designing her a new logo.
With much enthusiasm, I eagerly agreed to the project.
Traci already new what she wanted and was easily able to communicate her expectations. 
I'm currently in the process of rebranding The Purring Saw and changing the name to Chester and Pearl. (After her two new kitten in the photo above)
The new branding is attempting to attract a customer who simply appreciates the playfulness and joy that their cute kitties bring into their lives.
I definitely want to bring much more color into the branding where yellow is a primary color along with pops of blue, purple, and/or even rosy red.
Color palette Traci sent over as suggested colors & the logo before rebranding. 
These logo/illustrations where found on Dribble and used as inspiration for this logo. 
These were the logo concept sketches that were sent to the client. 
After the client review the sketches and waited 24 hours to make on her decision, Traci decided that number 2 was her favorite. 
Here is the vectorized first version. 
Here is the final concept and Traci is very delighted with her new logo!
After a few months, Traci asked for some matching illustrations that she could use in her branding. 
As I'm working on Chester & Pearl packaging, sketching the website redesign, and thinking through a new pop-up market display, I'm realizing that having some additional playful kitty imagery would be ideal.
I am interested in an image of a kitty playing with each of the three toys in the same style as the kitties in the logo. One kitty playing with a kicker, one reaching for a wand toy, and one about to pounce on a Pouncer chase toy. They can be Chester and Pearl's likenesses.
Traci's reaction:
Are you kidding me, Crystal?? I am so overcome by cuteness that I can barely type over here!
Needless to say, Traci is very happy with her matching illustrations. 
Impressed? If you're ready to rebrand and you think CW Design is the studio for you, send me an email to get started! I'm looking forward to helping you reach your business branding goals.
Thank you!

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